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Ayurveda has attained his age of maturity emerging from its nonage of Vedic medley of charms and simple drugs, of the incantation of magic ritual, into the maturity of rationally expounded science of health and disease and a systematic practice of remedies. The continuity of tradition which Ayurveda has enjoyed is the continuity of growth not of mere survival. The main motto of ayurveda is to provide perfect health through the curative and preventive means. The profounder of āyurveda had adopted three steps of learning i.e. adhyayana, adhyāpana and tadvidyasambhaṣā as needs of time to continue the streamline flow of ayurvedic knowledge. In different way, ṭhaavabodha and anuṣṭhāna have been categorically specified for the same. ṭha signifies proper accurate reading of the text along with the consideration of all possible sources of the text.  Adhigatkaraṇa or memorisation is also included within the ṭha, where as avbodha signifies proper realization of the clinical consequences and facts of the text. The anuṣṭhāna signifies practical implementation and practice of the underline occult theme and concept of the text. The site (www.ayurvedah.in) will provide the totally of practical classical ayurveda wisdom through ṭhaavabodha and anuṣṭhāna

For fulfilling first stage i.e. ha major classical texts namely Caraka Samhita, Sushruta samhita, Astanga Hridaya and Madavanidana  etc. are provided in original searchable  ebook format in all Indian scripts. For easy cramming of the subject matter the chanting methods and audio of each and every verse is given. 

avabodha –subject wise comprehensive and exclusive review are given of the topics.

anuṣṭhāna- step wise practical implementation and practice of the underline principles have been given.

For Ayurveda practitioners - 

 1.  Practical classical diagnostic guideline

 2. Total practical and classical prescriber

 3. Practical prescriber of home remedies

 4.  Practical prescriber of mineral drugs

 5. Online case discussion with experts

 6. Online consultancy

 7. Online order of all classical medicines


1. Photo of clinical cases are given

2. biography of the stalwarts scholars are also provided

For common people – daily and seasonal regimens are given in ready reference format.

भिषजां साधुवृत्तानां भद्रमागमशालिनाम् । अभ्यस्तकर्मणां भद्रं भद्रं भद्राभिलाषिणाम् ॥   (bhiṣajāṁ sādhuvr̥ttānāṁ bhadramāgamaśālinām |abhyastakarmaṇāṁ bhadraṁ bhadraṁ bhadrābhilāṣiṇām || )