दीर्घजीवितमारोग्यं धर्ममर्थं सुखं यशः।  पाठावबोधानुष्ठानैरधिगच्छत्यतो ध्रुवम् ॥ (dīrghajīvitamārōgyaṁ dharmamarthaṁ sukhaṁ yaśaḥ|pāṭhāvabōdhānuṣṭhānairadhigacchatyatō dhruvam )

Welcome to ayurvedah

ayurvedah.in is an humble endeavour to offer one-stop information and knowledge resources about Ayurveda, about health and life through Ayurveda. This is a novel endeavour from a group of like minded people who believes that Ayurveda needs to keep its uniqueness and authenticity in this process of globalization. Many are flocking the ship of Ayurveda but contamination is a collateral damage in this process. Humanity looks up to Ayurveda for health solutions and we at ayurvedah.in strongly believe Ayurveda has potential to offer such solutions globally only when its spread in authentic manner. 

Since Ayurveda is an ancient science, originally written in Sanskrit and in cryptic way, it is often seen both physicians and public do not get access to the knowledge resources easily. This forms the basis of the core idea of Ayurvedah.in - to disseminate authentic information about Ayurveda along with their simpler and practical understanding. This, we believe, will bring the concepts of Ayurveda closer to both practitioners and users.

ayurvedah.in  will strive to provide free tools for..

Learning of Ayurveda ( free books of original ayurveda classical texts and contemporary books)

Understanding of Ayurveda (free blogs, free articles  and free group discussion )

Application of Ayurveda (free assessment of disease through etiological factors, free complete classical ayurveda diagnosis and treatment, free case discussion free clinical online consultations)

It's a long and collective journey. We solicit your active participation in this journey to make Ayurveda a true Global Health Solution.

Ayurveda Services


  • FREE Ayurveda great triad (Brihatrayee) in PDF

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Online consultation

  • FREE online Ayurveda consultancy

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Complete Diagnosis & Treatment

  • We Provide Complete ayurveda diagnosis service.

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Life Style

  • Free access of More than 100 articles in PDf format.

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  • Free access of More than 100 articles in PDf format.

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भिषजां साधुवृत्तानां भद्रमागमशालिनाम् । अभ्यस्तकर्मणां भद्रं भद्रं भद्राभिलाषिणाम् ॥   (bhiṣajāṁ sādhuvr̥ttānāṁ bhadramāgamaśālinām |abhyastakarmaṇāṁ bhadraṁ bhadraṁ bhadrābhilāṣiṇām || )